Saint Michael

Saint Michael, 5"x 8", mixed media. Read more on my website.


The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a medieval symbol of Christ. This painting is to be used as an illustration for a planned "Bestiary." More on the painting here: http://wp.me/p4iF4t-kl


Feast Day Fun...with Kelly Saints!

New Series of Feast Day Fun posts, celebrating the Saints with Kelly Saints (created by 15 year old Kelly)...along with activities, crafts and family traditions reflecting the lives, virtues and patronage of the Saints. Check out the Growing Gallery of Feast Day Fun posts at Equipping Catholic Families.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Saint Ignatius of Loyola. In response to requests, I have been doing a series of smaller original paintings, this is 5" x 8", mixed media on clayboard. More info on my website:




This is an ink drawing on a 5" x 7" piece of Bristol board. I drew it using calligraphers' inks applied with dip pens and brushes.

The original was created on private commission.

St. Julian the Hospitaller was a noble layman who, to atone for the sin of murdering his parents, spent his wealth building a hospital for the poor. For the remainder of his life he cared for the sick and ferried travelers across a dangerous river.

I was requested to draw St. Julian in an Italian style, a departure from my usual northern European influences. For the central portrait, I looked to trecento paintings by Taddeo Gaddi and his son Agnolo for inspiration. The color and design of the acanthus ornament and drolleries (a heraldic dolphin, a crane and a green man) I based on illuminated choir manuscripts of the same era. Small medallions in the border house pictures of St. Raphael and St. Christopher. The inscription, written in alternating blue and red Lombardic capital letters, is excerpted from Geoffrey Chaucer's House of Fame.

Read more here.




This is an ink drawing on a 7 3/4" x 3 3/4" piece of Bristol board. I drew it using fine-tipped pens and calligraphers' inks applied with brushes.

The original was created on speculation.

It includes the beginning words and neumes of the famous vesperal hymn that salutes the Blessed Virgin Mary as Star of the Sea. In keeping with the nautical symbolism of the hymn, the frame surrounding the picture of Mary and the Christ Child is composed of seashells, and the initial A is composed of sea creatures. I was inspired by the figurative blackletter alphabets created by the Master E.S. and Giovannino de'Grassi.

More here.

Emmaus Road

May we see ordinary things in an extraordinary way.
more here: http://wp.me/p4iF4t-k2


The Barq of Peter

"The Barq of Peter" 16" x 20" mixed media.

...we are far from the end of the journey. And until we get there, how do we brave the storm?

more here: http://deaconlawrence.org/2014/08/barq-peter/


The Advocate

"The Advocate" 11" x 14" mixed media, from a recent Live Event Painting demonstration.


Frank and Ben: Holy Goalers

My name is Jason Bach. I am a Catholic cartoonist. You may have seen my work before---if you've come across a Catholic comic on Facebook at any time in the last year-and-a-half, there's a 90% chance it was one of mine.

Here's a cartoon I made for the upcoming World Cup final, aka the "Battle of the Popes"

See more Catholic comics on my website: Jason Bach Cartoons
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Mother of God

The Second of three images commissioned by the Franciscan Monastery in Washington D.C.


A Tiny Painting

by Jason Peck
8X7, Oil on Gessoed Wood



Based on a page from the Winchester Pontifical also known as the Benedictional of Saint Aethelwold.